Year of Transformation!

Year of Transformation!
C*v*d was in full swing in July of 2020: My husband had moved his office into the apartment in our basement. Our oldest child had been stuck at our house since spring break, doing college online, and was miserable. I hadn't seen/spoken to our middle child for most of 14 months and it was painful.  

Stress was high all around.  

In December 2019 I connected with a business coach (Martha Krejci) and when she offered an intensive course last July, I didn't hesitate to jump in. 

I was driven to grow myself, my relationships, and re-imagine my life in general.  

High time to figure out what I was gonna do with the rest of my life! 

So here I am a year later...

and since I'm an Oola coach I'm gonna share through the Oola lens of 7 key areas in my life, the same way I break my goals and action steps down so that I can chase my dreams down! 

πŸ“ Fitness: My hair has more grey and I've gained back all the  weight+, AND I'm fully grateful for my body as she is and for all that she has carried me through in the last several years.  

I'm working through the processes of Intuitive Eating, self-love, and body acceptance. 

Weight cycling has been wreaking havoc on my body and I'm done with the societal fuckery around dieting. 

I've never felt clearer or more empowered...I am a curvy goddess

πŸ“Finance: I've committed to becoming financially literate and doing my own still in process!

πŸ“FamilyMy oldest went back to school and is living with friends and doing well! 

In August we reconnected with our middle child and he stops in occasionally to visit. 

The youngest continues to homeschool and study insects. 

My husband and I are seeing/listening and supporting one another in new ways. πŸ’œ 

πŸ“ Field: ResilientAF midlife mamas was born! 

I have learned how to build out my brand, a website, blog, YouTube channel, and podcast, with multiple streams of income all with the purpose of serving women raising challenging older children. 

This week I published my second book anthology which also hit #1 new release on Amazon in a couple categories. 

I'm writing my own book and developing several courses and other projects.

πŸ“Faith: The most significant growth I have experienced this year has been through the personal development and mindset work that has stemmed from the courses, trainings, and certifications I worked through.  

I owe much of my fitness and family situation to the work I have done on myself.  

I never would have imagined I'd get all this from a "business" training! 

πŸ“ Friends & Fun: I am putting these together because I have made so many new friends, from all around the world, and I never imagined how much fun I could have sitting on Zoom calls. 

During a year of craziness...I took a chance on myself so that I could become the woman I needed several years ago. 

I had the vision, felt the passion, and am grateful that I found the tools to learn how to implement all the wild ideas in my head! 

Look out! I'm just getting started! 

⭐Reach out if you want to know more about any of the courses or trainings I did.
I have links I can share that offer discounts! 

And, if it resonates with you...pop into the free group, resilientAF midlife mamas,  over in Facebook   join group 

Bring Extra Attention to Mental Health in May

Bring Extra Attention to Mental Health in May

May is Mental Health Awareness month and I want to share my experience with you.

Last week I didn't write a blog post because I wasn't feeling well. I had been having some issues with my health and I landed myself in the emergency room at 2 am thinking I was having a heart attack.  

After hours of monitoring, I was sent home.  It was JUST a panic attack.  For anyone that has suffered from panic attacks, you know that there is no "JUST", it feels very much like you might die. 

Anxiety is no stranger to me. 

I'm writing this because I need to be honest about who I am and how I think. It's time we all start talking more openly about our mental health so people can feel less alone and more able to get help when they need it. 

Why are people afraid to talk about mental health?  Do people think they'll be judged? Is it a sign of weakness?

I've had people ask me "Why are you writing about this?" The reality is that so many people have mental health issues or know someone who does and we need to start accepting each other as imperfectly perfect human beings. 

Everyone has challenges in life, and it's not a sign of weakness to reach out for help. The more we talk about mental health in society, the more we help break down barriers to mental wellness. 

We need to make an effort to make sure everyone feels supported and can get proper care if they need it because this is not something anyone should have to struggle with alone.  

We all need each other in order to get through life – people who are struggling can use your help as much as someone else might benefit from hearing your story or sharing a smile.  It’s time to break the stigma surrounding mental health and start talking about it more openly because we all have days where we don’t want to get out of bed or just can't seem to find joy in anything. 

Reach out for help when you need it--you will be rewarded by feeling like yourself again. The benefits of community outreach programs that promote social connection through physical activity such as walking groups, yoga classes, or bike rides are well documented. Or finding groups online like resilientAF midlife mamas! So reach out today! You matter!


"No Need to Explain" Podcast

"No Need to Explain" Podcast
I love the name of this podcast!  Any mama that has been there with their kids, "gets it!" and there is no need to explain. 

The Mental Health Mamas, Tina & Serena, invited me onto their podcast and we had a great time talking about raising teens and young adults that are struggling with their mental health and possibly their executive functioning.  

Take a listen and drop some feedback into the comments! 

Oola! What is it?

Oola! What is it?
Do you know that feeling when you wash up for bed, get cozy in your pajamas and curl up into bed? It's that sweet spot at the end of a long day. 
Well, what if every aspect of your life had moments similar to that? What if you loved your work, your finances were handled, your family life was blissful, and you had time for great friendships, amazingly good fun, radiant health, and a strong faith connection to whatever you believe, too? Wouldn’t that be a goal worth working towards diligently until you got there?
Years ago, I was introduced to a book and a movement, a lifestyle called “Oola” that made me really look at our modern-day culture that says we should do more, be more and buy more. Oola is different.  It's now a global phenomenon with over a million followers actively creating their best lives. 
Short for Ooh-la-la, Oola is that feeling you get when life just works. You’re happy, growing, and looking forward to what the world has in store for you.  

It’s the feeling you get when you’ve landed that better job, grown a bigger business, or watched your kids succeed at something they’re passionate about. It’s what you tell yourself when you’ve saved your first $1,000, or paid off the last of your debts. It’s the confidence you feel —or the sense of wonder and enchantment with your life.
Working through the Oola steps helped me reclaim my life after some very challenging years. So when an opportunity appeared to coach others on this proven formula, I jumped at the possibilities. 

Now I have partnered with them on an initiative to have a positive impact on 1 billion lives over the next 7 years with the Oola framework! It isn't available to the public until 7/7/2021, but I have early access to the opportunity to share an amazing tool with the world!  It's super cool to be involved this early in such an amazing mission. 

If you would like to know more...reach out and we can chat! I am so excited to connect with more heart-centered service-oriented friends to join hands on this journey. 
If you want to calm life’s insanity, eliminate the drama and bring more balance, less stress, and greater purpose to your life, connect with me to talk about my 12 weeks- Oola Life Balance private coaching program, where we’ll work together on your finances, fitness, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun—then set some goals to transform your life for good. 

Live differently. Get your Oola life. 

3 Little Known Ways To Engage in Self-Care Without Spending $

3 Little Known Ways To Engage in Self-Care Without Spending $
I know, I know...when you hear "self-care" you probably roll your eyes and think, "I don't have the time" and/or "I don't have the money" or some other negative thought. 

You don't need to spend money to love yourself!! 

Look, I am the first to admit that I love a mani/pedi with a friend, or hitting the day spa for a massage or facial (or both!!).  I've gone on retreats and plenty of homemade face masks or salt scrubs.  

I'm the epsom salt bath goddess (which is an inexpensive luxury) and love soaking until my fingers and toes shrivel up! 

Self care is SO much more than this.  It's getting good sleep, staying hydrated, moving your body, and nourishing your body.  It's doing the simple tasks that we need for survival. 

And yes, there are times as mamas that we struggle to do the simple tasks! 
Here are three more simple (but not easy!) things you can do that don't cost anything!! 

  • Say "NO" - it is a complete sentence-NO need to provide an explanation with it!
    • to people 
    • to projects
    • to anything that doesn't serve you! 
  • Set boundaries!
    • with yourself...such as limiting your work hours
    • with others-you get to choose what you receive from them
  • No people pleasing!!
    • I see you! As a recovering people pleaser, I get it! You are not responsible for other people's happiness! 
That's it...don't you feel better already!! And it didn't cost a penny!!

As I said, simple, not easy.  Takes practice and consistent implementation.  I am working on them myself! 

If you want to indulge in more self care... join us over at resilientAF midlife mamas on Facebook, home of the FREE 90 Days to Reclaim Your Life (so that you can reclaim your creativity and passion!) Click here to come hang! 

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