I have had my fair share of experience with trauma and crisis through the years and there are several tools I have used to support me.
These are things you can implement for a crisis or feel overwhelmed. 

Check out the special recipe at the end!  It's one of my faves!


1. Make Lists

I love making lists about all sorts of things, it keeps me focused and organized...though when I'm in times of crisis I stall out and don't lean on making lists for anything!  Part of the mental shut down.  

So, when in crisis or overwhelm I make lists of things I can manage, the things I can have some control over...it makes me feel better to see it on paper and know I can DO SOMETHING. It may not be related to the crisis situation, but it is indicative of life moving forward.  

I also make lists of the things that I can't "control", that are causing me pain, stress, fear, or whatever emotion I am feeling. It's cathartic to dump the thoughts out of my head.  Sometimes I will rip up the page, toss it in the shredder or the wood stove! 


2. Evaluate 

I check in with myself and ask pertinent questions.  

I evaluate how I am handling the situation at hand, if I am doing all the things that I am able to that may affect change and is anything working.  

I weigh the pros and cons and assess the benefit to risk ratios. 


3. Choose What to Focus On 

I make a conscious choice to focus on the positive aspects.  To give energy to that which I can control and I make another list!  

I list all the ways I can show up and all the things I CAN do. 

I believe in the Law of Attraction and focusing on what I want to flow into my life. 


4. Breathe Deep and Move Gingerly

When things are overwhelming I take one step at a time.  I break the day down minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day...chunks of manageable time. 

I cut myself slack and let some of the less critical tasks sit on the list. 

5.  Healthy Coping Tools

Supporting emotional wellness during times of crisis is essential.  The myriad of activities that resonate with you belong on a master list that you memorize (or have in your phone!) 

Listening to music, taking walks, CrossFit, talking to friends, taking baths, using essential oils, are just a few on my list! 

Essential oils are an excellent way to cope with emotions.  Many of the oils have grounding qualities....there is even a blend of oils that carry that name!


DIY Grounding Diffuser Blend

The three oils in this blend are incredibly grounding so they are quite magical together! 


  • 3 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce

  • 3 drops Frankincense 

  • 3 drops Lavender

What are some of the ways you cope with crisis and/or overwhelm? I am always looking for fresh ideas! 


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  1. Karen BakingInATornado  07/07/2020 04:37 PM Central
    I've found a lot of the same strategies work for me as do for you. One other thing that I find works really well is to force my brain to take a break. Blogging and all that goes along with it (developing recipes, taking and editing pics, creating graphics) does it for me.
  2. Thanks for this! I do most of these strategies, but will start making lists. Pen to paper will probably help me. And I love the diffuser blend!

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