Keep Your Window of Resilience Wide Open...So That You Can Achieve Optimal Energy & Peace!
AHA moment!  Right there on the floor, sitting in a circle with my loving meditation group.  On a large piece of paper on the floor was a rudimentary drawing of Dan Siegel's Window of Tolerance.  I remember leaving that afternoon with a clarity I hadn't had in years! 

Visualize the window.  Seriously, close your eyes and picture a window that can open from the bottom or the top. 

I see this window as my window of resilience and it is part of the equation of how I became resilientAF in spite of some of the greatest most heartbreaking challenges.  

Check out this video explaining about the window and how I keep mine open! 

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  1. Tanya Milano Snell  01/14/2021 02:05 PM Central
    Perfect description!!

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