6.18.19 peace.love.valor.


It brings me great joy to announce the launch of peace.love.valor., the more woke version of gratefulmomoils πŸ˜‚!

I have been digging deep in the past few months and assessing where I am at this, dare I say, midlife(ish) point in my life.  I am still an incredibly GRATEFUL mama and always will be. Yet there was something tugging at me that I couldn't put into words.

Ultimately my AHA moment was that I am SO MUCH MORE than "Mom" and I had become entangled in the identity of  "Mom" that I couldn't see too far outside of that part of me.

Let me take this a step beyond...I am also a homeschooling mom (still to my 12 year old)!  I have never been a fully work outside of the home mom.  "Mom" has been the primary hat I have worn for almost 20 years!!

So I began to dissect this AHA moment.  It was clearly linked to my passion for helping other people. As a Speech-Language Pathologist I loved working with families, being an advocate, educating, in many cases becoming so connected with my families that we remained in contact for years after my services ended.

I am even more passionate about sharing my love of essential oils, non-toxic living, and aggressive self care.  I realized I was on a more grandiose mission...one to empower others while healing the planet...one drop, one person, one family at a time.

2.24.19 Sisterhood

I was gifted the most nourishing day of sisterhood yesterday.  (I'll give you more details in a bit!) On the last stretch of my car ride home, I wept joyful tears of abundance.  I feel so blessed to have truly remarkable women in my life that I love like the sisters I don't have.

**just to be fair, I have an awesome younger brother and FB actually dropped one of their "friendship memories" of us this morning that I happily shared on my feed- no coincidences- I love my brother πŸ’— (he also married an amazing woman that I claim in my sisterhood ☺)

I'm tight with my mom, but ya' know, she's my mom.  Love you mom!πŸ’—

And then there is her mom, my 98 year old grandmother and my aunts and cousins.

And my daughter, well, I'm her mother and she's 16 so....I'm super grateful for the simple gestures like a smile, a hug, or an episode of Friends.

I thought about my monthly Women's Meditation Group that I've been meeting with for a few years now.  We are deeply connected and I have great love for them as we have shared so much of our histories, our fears, our joys, and our passions with one another. We hold space for one another in the most loving way and I have felt truly held by these women.

I have sweet sisters that I am connected with through our children, through homeschooling, through summer camp...some are near and some are in other states even on other continents.  Some I speak to regularly and others we can go years, but the love and connection is still strong.  And then there are the ones that have left this world too soon, yet I still hold love in my heart and feel their presence.

Crossfit over this past year has been a place of connection with some of the strongest women I have ever met, both physically and mentally.  Daily I am inspired by them and driven to push myself past my fears and insecurities.  For the first time EVER, I feel safe and accepted in a gym environment, regardless of my size or skill.  It has been such a profound life altering experience for me that I've been compelled to openly share my path.  In turn, I have inspired 5 women to give it a go!!

I have recently gathered mamas with teens to support one another on a monthly basis.  The pull was strong to create a sacred space for us to meet and hear we are not alone in this parenting adventure.  I feel honored to be trusted, and grateful for each of the women and their individual journey.

Also recently, I have teamed up with my sexy soul sister to run a monthly Sexy Sunday Sister Circle to create safe space for women to connect, share and learn from each other. She is a certified Sex, Love, & Relationship Coach and I bring the oily goodness along.  I am so excited to see this group of women blossom!

So, back to my weekend.  Crazy that I get to call this "work."  I was invited to the Poconos for a Leader's Retreat for my Young Living business.  My upline and sister friend for 10+ years invited us for the day and showered us with love and inspiration.  She nourished us with delicious food and NingXia Red, of course, and gifted us with tools and symbolic anchors of where we are capable of reaching.  She led us in yoga and a wild dance party, she encouraged us to look deep within and reset our compasses.  We shed tears, shared laughter, and cheered each other on as we redefined our "why." πŸ’œ

I pulled into my driveway, took a deep meditative breath, wiped away the tears and took a moment to soak in the immense feeling of gratitude.  My heart full of love.

8.5.18 Packing for college

Dancin and I just did a Facebook Live to share what products he is taking to college with him to help him stay above the wellness line.  I was introduced to essential oils around 15 years ago so he has been using them most of his life.  Since he has grown up with these products, he has a comfort level using them to support himself.  He knows what to reach for or how to use the reference book or the internet to research what he doesn't know.  As a mom, I love that he feels empowered to take care of himself.
We forgot to mention one of the oils in the starter kit that he will likely use often...Di-Gize Vitality !  Di-Gize Vitality is a powerful blend that helps support the digestive system.  He uses it interchangeably with Peppermint Vitality...both safe for consumption.

6.19.18 all the Ningxia

Red eye flight did me in and I am still dragging!!
😳 😴 Never doing that again-instead of losing a day to travel I have lost a night and at least two days to groggy disorientation πŸ€ͺ!! Amazing how important sleep is to our bodies functionality-lack of enough sleep is so detrimental. While away I didn’t sleep great (hotel room, late nights, early mornings), but these three got me through it supporting my immune system, my cognitive health and my energy levels. I just whipped up the trifecta cocktail of all three...the Ningxia Bomb!! Gotta get unpacked and back in my groove πŸƒπŸ½‍β™€οΈπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ‹πŸΌ‍♀️


the beginning…

1.7.18  I had just arrived at the Ithaca Airport at 4am…it was -2 and I was waiting for a flight to Florida.  I had my shaker bottle ready and my Slique shake on hand for a quick breakfast when I was awake enough to eat.  I was 7 days in.  I had taken on the Slique in 60 Challenge and had begun to weigh and measure my food, logging everything into My Fitness Pal.  I had baggage, not just the stuff I was loading on the plane to Florida, but years of baggage around my weight, body image, food, etc.  I was doing an online modified yoga program and aqua Zumba so I knew I could maintain my fitness regimen, but food might be tricky.  Being with my parents in Florida triggered my emotional eating habits. NOT THIS YEAR!!  I was feeling determined to hold my focus…