Bring Extra Attention to Mental Health in May

Bring Extra Attention to Mental Health in May

May is Mental Health Awareness month and I want to share my experience with you.

Last week I didn't write a blog post because I wasn't feeling well. I had been having some issues with my health and I landed myself in the emergency room at 2 am thinking I was having a heart attack.  

After hours of monitoring, I was sent home.  It was JUST a panic attack.  For anyone that has suffered from panic attacks, you know that there is no "JUST", it feels very much like you might die. 

Anxiety is no stranger to me. 

I'm writing this because I need to be honest about who I am and how I think. It's time we all start talking more openly about our mental health so people can feel less alone and more able to get help when they need it. 

Why are people afraid to talk about mental health?  Do people think they'll be judged? Is it a sign of weakness?

I've had people ask me "Why are you writing about this?" The reality is that so many people have mental health issues or know someone who does and we need to start accepting each other as imperfectly perfect human beings. 

Everyone has challenges in life, and it's not a sign of weakness to reach out for help. The more we talk about mental health in society, the more we help break down barriers to mental wellness. 

We need to make an effort to make sure everyone feels supported and can get proper care if they need it because this is not something anyone should have to struggle with alone.  

We all need each other in order to get through life – people who are struggling can use your help as much as someone else might benefit from hearing your story or sharing a smile.  It’s time to break the stigma surrounding mental health and start talking about it more openly because we all have days where we don’t want to get out of bed or just can't seem to find joy in anything. 

Reach out for help when you need it--you will be rewarded by feeling like yourself again. The benefits of community outreach programs that promote social connection through physical activity such as walking groups, yoga classes, or bike rides are well documented. Or finding groups online like resilientAF midlife mamas! So reach out today! You matter!


Mama, what tools are in your toolbox?

Mama, what tools are in your toolbox?

Heart pounding, hands sweaty, jaw all kicked in whenever I would recall a specific memory of a traumatic event with my child. 

And that memory would sometimes be triggered at the most inopportune moments.  

Gaining freedom from this intense reaction changed my path.  

It was the defining moment of realizing I needed to bring this work to others and share one of the best tools I have in my toolbox.

Our memories are more than just images, they are made up of thoughts, feelings, and body (and other) sensations.  

We hold onto them for the purpose of learning and survival. Yet, we don’t need them to have a stronghold on us. 

Our sense of smell is the only inroad to the limbic system where we store our memories and we are able to tap into it with the support of essential oils and reconsolidate the way the memories are stored. 

Gently going through the steps of an Aroma Freedom  session gifted me the ability to now recall the memory without the negativity or miserable physical responses.  

It's opened up the doors for me to create new pathways for more positive perspectives and directions related to the memory.  

How could I not learn how to help others be free!? 

And support them in creating goals and intentions for their future! 

60 seconds...the most dynamic simple process can be done in 60 seconds to flip the switch on that part of your brain that sends you into “fight, flight or freeze” 

How helpful would that be for you or your teens!!? 

Mamas, we need tools in our tool boxes!  

Tools we can use on the spot and tools to help clear past messes and pave the way for future possibilities. 

Let’s chat about how I can support you.  I offer free 15 minute consults so you can ask all the questions! 

Sign up HERE to get all the info and take the opportunity to schedule time with me!

Also, join my resilientAf midlife mamas Facebook group for more mama tools and occasional free group Aroma Freedom sessions. 

Keep Your Window of Resilience Wide Open...So That You Can Achieve Optimal Energy & Peace!

Keep Your Window of Resilience Wide Open...So That You Can Achieve Optimal Energy & Peace!
AHA moment!  Right there on the floor, sitting in a circle with my loving meditation group.  On a large piece of paper on the floor was a rudimentary drawing of Dan Siegel's Window of Tolerance.  I remember leaving that afternoon with a clarity I hadn't had in years! 

Visualize the window.  Seriously, close your eyes and picture a window that can open from the bottom or the top. 

I see this window as my window of resilience and it is part of the equation of how I became resilientAF in spite of some of the greatest most heartbreaking challenges.  

Check out this video explaining about the window and how I keep mine open! 

 Then join me in the resilientAF midlife mamas group on Facebook!