6.15.18 Convention ...stickin with the plan

Salt Lake City...

6.14.18 meal strategy

The original travel plan was an AirBnB apartment with a full kitchen.  They cancelled on me two weeks ago :(    I managed to get a hotel room downtown, but it limited my meal planning ideas.
So, I went to Whole Foods and bought all the things I could find that 1. fit into my meal plan and 2. would fit into my mini frig.  I chose things I could prep in the microwave or eat raw.
I weighed, measured, portioned and organized for tomorrow.  I got this!

3.31.18 collard wraps

I need to give Ithaca Bakery credit for motivating me to try these at home...so yummy!  super easy to make- I took the rib out of the collard and then dipped in boiling water a few times and threw into an ice bath.