Yummy Cookbook!

I am SO excited to get this cookbook!! I just ordered it, but I'm not sure if Amazon will be delivering it. After I hit send I remembered it was only essential items.  Oh well, we'll see! 

I grew up with Rachel's father, our families were friends, and though I've never met her I feel a sense of connection.  Make me warm and fuzzy!  

I have followed her on social media and tried out some her recipes and wow are they yummy! 

Even in quarantine I am doing my best to eat less gluten, less dairy and only wee bits of sugar.  I absolutely feel better when I avoid these things and right now is all about feeling better, staying healthy and staying sane! 

Are you baking? What are you making? Let's inspire one another!! 
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Goopy Fingers

Today I tried something new...I spent hours making sourdough bread.   
This is the second time I have been gifted sourdough starter and the first time I have attempted bread making. 
I killed the last starter...

This time was different.  Felt like something I NEED to learn, an essential skill that will come in handy during this crazy times. 

The first time I put my hands into the bowl and connected with the dough I got a chill.  I felt connected to my ancestors.  I imagined my great grandmother and her mother and grandmother baking bread.  

After hours of tending to it I had to do shape it...it wasn't pretty.  It's a very wet dough and my hands were goopy and I have no idea if I did what I was supposed to.  

We will find out in the morning!

I also learned how to use the discarded mature starter to make these delicious crackers...they were gone in less than an hour! So so good!

I am so proud of the finished product!!  I made one in a loaf and one round...so yummy!!