My Top 3 Healthy Swaps!

My husband and I were recently reminiscing about the first home we owned.  

At the time we had a toddler and a newborn and the first thing that popped into my mind was those darn latches on the cabinets and drawers.  

We had a childproofing company come in and batten down all the things in our home.   

Back then I had all the all the colors...with all the scents and even I had trouble getting past the latch and into the cabinet to get them! 

I also had recurring respiratory challenges and fibromyalgia flares...

Did you know that toxic chemicals found in conventional household cleaners can cause skin or respiratory issues and can compromise our immune systems?  

Common household cleaners can be full of carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and neurotoxins and we spray them all over our homes where our kids and pets play on the floor, where we prepare food, and spend hours upon hours breathing in the air.  

You may not have an immediate response, but your body is bio-accumulating the toxins in your fat cells. 

The main products that I knew I needed to swap out were scented candles, fresh and clean smelling spray to clean up all the messes in my home, and fragrant personal care products for everyone in the family, particularly me!  

I have always had a fondness for shower gels, soaps and lotions - when we were dating, my now husband referred to me as the “Emollient Queen” as I had so many products in the shower/bathroom to choose from! 

It was quite a journey and I have learned, oh so many things! 

I’m grateful that I found products that didn’t need to be locked up, were safe enough for my children that they could help clean (still do!) and we get the best gift of our improved health! 

 In this brief video I share my top swaps and how I still reign as the “Emollient Queen” in my home!