3 life lessons learned from an OLD photo...

3 life lessons learned from an OLD photo...

Why was I so quick to see all the youth that I missed vs. the life in my face now? 

I compared this current picture and took a moment to shift my perspective:


11.7.18 Stronger 💪

So, this crazy thing happened...Monday morning.  I got to see how much stronger I am than when I began this CrossFit journey 10 months ago.

When I first started I thought logging all these numbers was unnecessary.  I wasn't really interested in how much weight I could lift or how fast I could do things.  I just wanted to be healthier.

I was focused on doing things like stairs or getting off the floor without pain or having to hold on or be assisted.  I wanted to have better balance so I wouldn't keep falling.  I wasn't really even focused on weight loss in the beginning...just being able to function better.

10 weeks ago we did a workout called the CrossFit Total made up of back squats, shoulder presses, and dead lifts. Then each week we did those moves in a progression starting at a low weight and building up.  Then we redid the workout. This picture shows my 10 week progression...but that's not the best part!

crossfit total

Yes, this shows progress and I am still in awe that I can lift these weights, but I wasn't necessarily wowed enough to share this.  Then I looked back to the beginning!!

On 2/20/18 I did my first back squat with 30 pounds (1 rep max!) and Monday I lifted  90 pounds (1 rep max)!!!

On 8/30/18 I did my first shoulder press with 30 pounds (2 sets of 10) and on Monday I lifted 55 pounds (1 rep max)!
The deadlift is what really boggles my mind!  

Check this out:

deadlift num

I started with 30 pounds on 2/14/18 and on Monday my 1 rep max was 165 pounds!

ummm...I think this CrossFit thing works!

I am measurably stronger and so much more functional!!