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Hi! Welcome!


I’m Tobi, the resilientAF midlife mama!


I wear many certification hats as a Speech-Language Pathologist,  Oola Life Balance Coach, Aroma Freedom Practitioner, and Clinical Aromatherapist. I'm also a Speaker, Podcaster, Author, and Blogger.  Oh and a mom of 3 teens/young adults!  I call myself a Creative Entrepreneur! 


My heart is all in on supporting women that are in the whirlwind of raising teens/young adults. You don’t have to do this part alone!!  


Many of our kids are wrestling with high levels of stress, anxiety, and/or depression, some are neurodiverse, with or without diagnoses.  The common denominator is that their brains are not fully developed and they struggle at various levels with their executive functioning.  Obstacles arise that interfere with their relationships, goals and launching into the world. 


We mamas need to understand what’s up and be able to gently guide and support them to discover harmony and balance in themselves and their relationships. 


ALL WHILE loving ourselves, doing our own work, owning our boundaries, and living our best lives! 

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