radical self care cheat sheet


“self care” is such a buzz word these days.  

i'm not talking about bubble baths and pedicures...i'm adopting a radical approach to self care that can rock your world.  

by radical I mean that you are 100% committed to your self care on the daily…it is non-negotiable and practiced every.single.day!!  

when hormones are shifting, your teen/adult kids are pushing the limits, and your back is aching- you need to step it up to support your optimal wellness! 

read on to the end to see how i unleash my super power!

quiet time:

remember "quiet time"? we used to give it to our kids as they were weaning off naps. now i am crystal clear that was more about me them!  it’s easy to become (and stay) swept up in the routine stress we’re exposed to on a daily basis. be mindful of your mind, body, spirit and the space you physically and emotionally occupy. simply sitting in nature, or focusing on a photo of nature, listening to guided meditations, or the sound of silence.  it’s incredible how shifting your focus can have a domino effect on your body, mind and life!  you don't need to pay to go to a class, it doesn't need to be a spa weekend, or dedicated meditation time. though a long soak in the tub is divine...most of us grab a quick shower daily.  next time take a moment to close your eyes and just feel the water on your body, take a few deep breaths, maybe inhale a relaxing essential oil and just BE.  don't think about your meeting or the grocery list...really! just give yourself a few minutes to just BE. i am not suggesting this will solve your problems...you just deserve peace of mind, time to catch your breath and re-group so your boundaries aren't fuzzy and you aren't holding tension in your body.   

you come first!:  

incorporating daily practices and products that support your overall wellness is key. i drink an energizing antioxidant drink and inhale motivating essential oils in the morning to fuel my 7:30 am workouts.  getting my body moving, my blood flowing, and my brain revving is critical to keeping myself grounded.  at the opposite end of the day i make sure to get quality and sufficient quantity of sleep.  hormonal support is currently an important piece of my wellness puzzle. nurturing loving relationships with friends and family is what lights my heart up and i make sure to reach out to at least 3 people daily to share gratitude and connect.  the simple efforts we make to care for ourselves can often feel monumental in the midst of chaos.  too often we put everything and everyone else first and then look for the space to put our self care into the schedule.  flip it around and take care of yourself first!  

read all the f*&%#ing labels:we all know we need to eat healthy to take care of our bodies—but knowing exactly what is in our food has become more complicated.  we need to be aware of the chemicals that we are unknowingly putting into our bodies. but wait! there's more...we need to read labels on what we put ON our bodies AND use in our homes!  being well-informed when purchasing food, home & personal care products is critical to your optimal health and self care!  women put an average of 300 chemicals on their bodies before they leave the house! personal care products and makeup that contain heavy metals and fragrance. do you know that the word fragrance is a term referring to a non-disclosed mixture of any of over 3000 chemicals including allergens and reproductive toxins? take a few minutes each day to learn about one item you are consuming and determine if it is contributing to your best self.   when we clean it up for ourselves and our families we see change...physical and emotional.  do the research on the ingredients you can't pronounce and learn about their side effects, many come with safety warnings! 

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power pose!!


just like Diana Prince turning into Wonder Woman!  

i use this to routine to jumpstart my day...and then i use it as needed to reboot throughout the day. 

  1. figure out what your personal power pose is. i like to have my legs firmly planted shoulder width apart and my hands either on my hips or up in the air above my head. 
  2. choose something sensory to help ground you in the pose. i use an oil blend. i put a drop on the palm of my hands and then i take a put my hands over my mouth and nose and breathe in deeply. 
  3. choose an affirmation.  mine are always different depending on the moment and what has come up for me in my Aroma Freedom sessions. 
  4. put them all together and strike your pose!!! 


rise up to your highest potential! get your energy flowing in a positive direction towards growth and expansion!  i will guide you in transforming fears, habits, emotional triggers, traumatic memories and negative beliefs that hold you back. find your freedom and personal power


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