rise up to your highest potential! 

 aroma freedom combines aromatherapy, energy medicine, neuroscience, and psychology

have you experienced trauma that continues to haunt you?

do you see possibilities for your future yet hit roadblocks

do you feel stuck in a cycle of negative patterns, behaviors or beliefs?

identify and let go of these constricting patterns:
bad habits :: cravings :: traumatic memories
limiting beliefs :: negative self talk :: emotional triggers
self sabotage :: fear :: self doubt

what would life look like if you aligned with your 
authentic self? 

how would it feel to have a sense of clarity and confidence?

would you feel more joyful? energized? 

what does freedom look like to you?

what does a session look like? 

the goal is to identify and dissolve the barriers in your life that keep you from moving forward ...you may not even be aware of what is holding you back

first, we identify the goal or desire you want to achieve
then we explore why it isn't happening.
we go through a series of exercises designed to release the blocks.
we use Young Living essential oils  to create a permanent shift 

the Young Living essential oils you will need are: 
stress away
inner child 
(or peace & calming or orange)
(or purification or raven)
(or any uplifting oil)

AFT with Tobi shifted my relationship with past memories- dramatically decreasing their emotional impact on me. The sessions were gentle yet powerful. The process is structured and Tobi did a wonderful job of adapting and going with the flow based on what was coming up for me moment to moment. I felt well cared for, safe and held throughout every session. I highly recommend Tobi (in general) and specifically as a coach!!

Working with Tobi has helped me to uncover blocks that were holding me back in my business. Her support and guidance has help me to achieve clarity to move forward towards my goals.

I offer a complimentary 15-minute call for those that: 
  • choose to check-in prior to scheduling an appointment
  • are inquiring about scheduling group sessions
  • want to purchase custom packages


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